Central Securities Depository Of IRAN



Central Securities Depository of Iran, in the pursuit of its noble business objectives, has always sought to recruit highly-qualified human resources by providing fair and equal conditions for all. The company highly values all its employees feel empowered and effective; and be able to freely express their points of view or even their criticism whatever they are. That's why the company has created a friendly atmosphere in which direct communication in the workplace have become possible. At the same time, preventing any ethnic or gender discrimination in the CSDI workplace has been one of the most important strategies in a form that all employees can flourish and prosper in a fair, equal, and calm environment.

Special supplementary insurance 

In insurance industry, CSR takes a form of providing employees with financial support in case of disasters as well as sharing the expertise of solving problems, maintaining employees' safety and human rights promotion.

CSDI has implemented a supplementary insurance scheme with "Tejarat No" Insurance Company under which the whole or the major part of the cost employees pay for their health care after being calculated by the routine insurance, is paid back to them. In addition, CSDI has provided the opportunity for the employees to insure their parents as well, together with their family members i.e. the spouse and the children.

Central Securities Depository of Iran has invested in a much more direct and affordable dental plan and will pay for the major share of the cost itself.

Without the hassle of dealing with an insurance company, the employees provide the necessary documents to the agent of the supplementary insurance company, after the cost is calculated; CSDI will pay the amount to the employee.

Furthermore, if staff or their family members contracted a specific illness not covered by the insurance, their treatment costs will be paid with the approval of the board of directors.

Respecting employees' privacy, and recognizing their professional and social needs along with providing them with essential welfare facilities have been one of the major principles of the company.