Central Securities Depository Of IRAN




The Dividend Distribution System (DDS) has been developed to obtain the equities dividends, interest of Mutual Funds, Sukuks, and Islamic treasury bills from the issuers and deposit them in the beneficiaries’ bank account.

DDS is an infrastructural system designed based on in-house technical know-how in a bid to streamline corporate actions by CSDI.

Previously, issuers could not check and verify the information (bank accounts, Identity information, etc.) with the authorities. On the other hand, shareholders, either, did not know the exact time of the dividend distribution. These led to the long and irregular process of dividend payments causing many problems for both issuers and shareholders. 

Therefore, this system was initiated by CSDI and was test-launched in June 2019.


Service Provider CSDI
  • Issuers
  • Investors (shareholders) 
  • Streamlining the service of dividend and interest payments
  • Providing the interest payment service for a wider range of instruments
  • Security and reliability in exchange of information
  • Achieving the goals of the country's e-government plan
Unveiling Date DDS was test-launched in June 2019




  • Validating investors' and issuers' information
  • Offering online and automated services
  • Constant supervision


  • Processing & calculating all dividends and interest belonging to CIGS-registered shareholders
  • Developing specialized panels for shares, debts and funds
  • Dividend distribution in one or more installments based on the issuer’s order
  • Paying dividends with the possibility of selecting shareholders by a variety of methods, including alphabetically or the number of shares
  • Paying the dividends based on ratio ( Percentage payment)
  • Managing the shareholders with legal and judicial case
  • Distributing dividends after calculating default and dues
  • Automatic or manual management of shareholders' legal problems
  • Managing the number of payments per day
  • Managing payment hours
  • Recording logs
  • Constant updating of legal cases and registrations in CIGS during payment period
  • Reports (on dividends and interest payments, receipts from issuers, shareholders requests, GMs ready to distribute dividends, registration in CIGS, banking payment status)