Central Securities Depository Of IRAN



1. CSDI Campaign to Raise Fund for Quake Victims 

At least 400 people were killed and as many as 2,500 were injured when a 7.3-magnitude earthquake shook the mountainous areas in the vicinity of the Iran-Iraq border. 

Tens of thousands displaced as a result of the tremor occurred on November 12, 2018. Central Securities Depository of Iran rushed to join the massive donation campaigns to provide funds to help the relief efforts in the immediate aftermath of the quake. 

In direct response to the devastating earthquake, CSDI employees donated at least one day of their salaries to support the victims of this tragic disaster. Many gave larger proportions of their income to the relief campaign. 


2. Formation of the CSDI's Charity Group: 

The CSDI's Benevolence group known as SAMAT's Sympathizers was formed in November 2019 led by the company's public relations department to collect cash and non-cash donations from the company's staff for less privileged people. 

During past three year, this project managed to send the aid collected to the people in need in deprived areas. The list of charity acts conducted by the group is as follows: 


1. Distribution of food among families of hospitalized people residing in the Javad Al-A'emeh settlement complex and buying a gas samovar for the complex (36 million and 270 thousand IRR)

2. Stationery and clothing aid packages for children from deprived families (26 million IRR)

3. Collecting funds for two poor families to rent home and medical aid for treatment of a widow woman (73 million IRR)

4. Providing funds to buy a washing machine and a TV set for a family (27 million and 500 thousand IRR)

5. Collecting funds to purchase single gas burner ovens and gas canisters for 16 underprivileged families (55 million and 500 thousand IRR)

6. Collecting funds for medical treatment of 8 children and 4 needy women (377 million IRR)

7. Donation of food packages among poor families (70 million IRR)

8. Collecting cash donations to distribute food packages among poor families (20 million IRR)

9. Financial aid for the surgery and chemotherapy of an infant diagnosed with cancer

10. Collecting cash to supply the cost of treating a woman diagnosed with cancer 

11. Allowance for the treatment of a reporter diagnosed with cancer

12. Financial aid to supply the operation cost of an infant

13. Supporting "MehrAvaran Naji" Charity to prepare and distribute 220 meals for the needy 

14. Financial assistance to four under-privileged families 

15. Providing footwear  for children

16. Donating a smartphone to a student in need to attend online classes (during Covid-19 pandemic)

17.  CSDI distributes beverage and snacks among the employees as breakfast during the Covid-19 pandemic. A number of staff donated their shares to the needy.

18. Collecting and distributing packages of food and home appliances for under-privileged families during the holy month of Ramadan. 

19. Distributing 300 hot meals among child labours during the holy month of Ramadan

20. Money grant in aid to a underprivileged family for building house (60 million IRR)

21. Money grant in aid to deprived families on the new Persian year's eve (30 million IRR)


It should be noted that all cash and non-cash assistance has been provided by CSDI Staff who are members of the company's charity group named "Hamdelan -e-  SAMAT".