Central Securities Depository Of IRAN






In addition to SEPAS system, Central Securities Depository of Iran has shown considerable growth in a wide spectrum of e-banking avenues, enabling stockholders to benefit from speedy, convenient and paperless ways of conducting transactions.


The Software Development Team of CSDI's IT department launched and is supporting the infrastructure since 2012.


With more banks stepping into CSDI's e-banking infrastructure and offering technology based banking services coupled with enhanced awareness among stockholders; the technology is flourishing here in a consistent manner. Iranian banks Melli, Tejarat, Saman and Mellat have already established links with CSDI to conduct clearing, settlement and CSDI's relative payment operations. CSDI is meanwhile negotiating with a number of other reputed banks to expand the sphere of its banking financial services.


CSDI's Banking Infrastructure prepares the ground for carrying banking-related operations in various internal systems and undertake links with banks. This way, all activities are duly supplemented and monitored by the enriched infrastructure.