Central Securities Depository Of IRAN


Integrated Capital Market Stakeholders Portal


The integrated capital market stakeholders' portal which has been released by the Central Securities and Depository of Iran is aimed at providing electronic services to shareholders, issuers as well as the market regulators and supervisory bodies. The portal is now accessible through mobile applications released for both android and iOS users and a web-based version of the application has been available to potential users. The application eliminates the need for physical reference to entities registered in CSDI's Comprehensive Information Gathering System (CIGS) in order to realize the ultimate goals of transparency and provision of due information to all related beneficiaries.


Services Provided by Integrated Capital Market Stakeholders Portal


  • Investor's Electronic Portal (DARA)

Providing Electronic and Online Services to Legal and Personal Entities

DARA portal seeks to provide online and distance services with an eye to CSDI values of the on-time and transparent provision of information to legal and personal investors already signed up in the CSDI's comprehensive information gathering system (CIGS). Among the services available to DARA signatories are the access to their portfolio details, including the name and ticker symbol of shares, the number and the value of shares, the per cent of their capital in each company and the related brokerage. The DARA users can also receive depository certificate, their record of transactions, the announcements of issuers and even the reason behind bans imposed on given ticker symbols. Virtual Presence in electronic General Meetings (e-GEM) organized by issuers and the right to vote during the meetings are among other features enshrined in the newly-released application.


  •   Issuers Electronic Portal (DANA)

Providing Online and Electronic Services to Issuers

Issuers Electronic Portal (DANA) aims at providing issuers signed-up in CSDI's comprehensive information gathering system, as the strategic beneficiaries of Central Securities and Depository of Iran and the whole capital market, with online and virtual services in the shortest time possible within a safe and secure environment. The portal facilitates preserving electronic communications with issuers and accelerates processes related to CSDI's fundamental operations including depository and registration services, organizing general meetings, dividend distribution, raising the capital, making reports and so on. DANA affordances give increased efficiency to the capital market through shortening and streamlining such processes.


  •    Capital Market Entities Regulators, Supervisory Bodies Electronic Portal (NAZER)

Providing Electronic and Online Services to Regulators, Supervisory Bodies and Capital Market Pillars

The NAZER portal is aimed at providing online and distance services to the capital market entities, and other competent regulatory bodies including the Presidential Administration, Ministries, Central Bank of Iran, Central Insurance of Iran, Iranian National Tax Administration and other law enforcement and legal entities including the Judiciary, and Organization of Registration of Deeds and Properties and so on, in line with the CSDI's ultimate values of improving the accuracy and speed of monitoring and regulatory activities of these relevant bodies. Among the services provided by the electronic portal is facilitating due access by the regulatory and supervisory bodies to receive a wide range of reports through online and electronic platforms based on their needs.