Central Securities Depository Of IRAN




Considering that the investors are one of the main stakeholders in CSDI, Dara System is an electronic portal for investors and aims to integrate e-services provided for investors.


The services offered to investors include those available on the official website and the ones on their mobiles and other portable devices such as notebooks.



Since all CSDI activities are based on information processing, technology plays a crucial role in every aspect to enhance productivity, reduce costs, facilitate and speed up public services and increase security and reliability.

In this regard, in recent years, CSDI has undertaken various activities to provide stable, efficient and secure electronic platforms for the development of the country's capital market.


DARA, aka Investor's Electronic Portal, is one of those systems implemented in late 2015. The primary purpose of the system is to centralize all of the services provided to investors by Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI). DARA attempts to resolve all shareholders' issues in terms of their stock portfolios, the status of capital increase and dividend distribution through providing them with daily reports about changes in their portfolios. This is especially of high significance because it incredibly prevents all kinds of fraud such as money laundering and confiscation of property.


In this system, each shareholder is entitled to designate one or more people to represent him/her while one person may represent several shareholders.


The Web version of DARA offers the following services:


1. Displays shareholders' asset status (IPS)

2. Guarantees high security thorough authentication process

3. Delivering specific reports based on various criteria thanks to a dynamic report engine

4. Displays latest status of tradable assets and the value of portfolios based on the latest transactions on the last working day.

5. Extracts reports in different formats.

6. Displays accountholders assets of Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX)

7. Displays assets of IRENEX account-holders based on different features of energy products such as load and time of energy.

8. Displays capital increases of companies under contract

9. Shows the list of issuers who have announced capital increase action at the general meeting

10. Inform shareholders about their unused preemptive rights


Shareholders who are willing to exercise their preemptive rights are required to remit money announced by DARA to bank accounts listed on preemptive right sheets. Shareholders who did not attend the general meeting and do not have preemptive rights can receive system tracking ID as a new investor and exercise issuer's preemptive rights by money remittance.


This all comes as the mobile version of the system displays information regarding investor's portfolio and his/her latest trading transactions. Investors are also welcome to submit any suggestions, criticism or complaint using the mobile version.