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The Justice Shares System was designed by Central Securities Depository of Iran so that all shareholders who are members to the Justice Shares club (with direct or indirect shareholding status) can view their identity information recorded in the systems, monitoring their Justice Shares portfolio, the dividends paid and any other relative information.  

According to a communiqué issued by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran on April 28, 2020 regarding the "Release of Justice Shares" in order to "expand social justice and empower low-income families", the government was tasked with devising a practical mechanism using the capital market possibilities. The release of Justice Shares led to the involvement of more than 60% of Iran's population in the capital market.

The Justice Shares concept was introduced in 2005 when the parliament tasked the government of the time with privatizing state-owned companies and giving some of the stakes to different social classes with the aim of bringing about equitable distribution of wealth. However, the Justice Shares Scheme officially started in 2006 when the amendments to the Article 44 of the Constitution were made obligating the government to move towards economic privatization.

Justice Shares are actually the shares of big state-owned companies, 49 percent of which relates to automobile, metal, mining, agriculture, petrochemical and banking sectors, that were given to the six lowest income deciles. 

Though the “Justice shares Release Scheme” the sale of a portion of the Justice Shares portfolio became possible.

Considering the role and position of CSDI as the sole entity in charge of registry, depository and clearinghouse of Iran’s capital market, the responsibility for the implementation of this mega project was assigned to this company while the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange was responsible for introducing the necessary regulations to facilitate the executive affairs.

Due to the need to provide Justice Shares-relevant services to the public, with different levels of financial literacy and possibilities, customer service through various portals and easy access was envisaged.

Since it was anticipated that a large number of new customers only intend to monitor their Justice Shares portfolio, a special system was designed for this group with the aim of providing a very easy-to-use service that was named “Justice Share System” and launched in 2020.


Service Provider CSDI
Beneficiaries Justice Shares holders (with direct or indirect shareholding status)
  • Providing services through accessible portals for all groups of society
  • Displaying all Justice Shares information in an integrated manner
Unveiling Date 2020



  • Monitoring:
  1. Justice Shares portfolio and its daily value
  2. Preemptive Rights
  3. Sell orders announced to agent banks or brokerage firms
  4. dividend distribution
  5. Shareholder profile and modifying the IBAN and mobile number


Holders of Justice Shares can enter the system by visiting https://pl.sahamedalat.ir.  The website receives the national ID number of the person and matches the information with those entered in the CIGS system. This system then sends a code to the CIGS-registered mobile number. The person submits the code and then signs in the system and can monitor their portfolio information, the dividends paid, user information, etc.

Guide to signing in and modifying profile