Central Securities Depository Of IRAN




Central Securities Depository of Iran launched the CSDI Data Storage System and Information Exchange Portal (IX) to aggregate and organize data, also to generate reports, necessary for the company. This system works in line with the objectives of the e-government and the electronic exchange of information in a secure and reliable setting.

IX system is a flexible system, which aims to collect and review all input data from various sources such as post-trade system and other structured and unstructured databases and resources.

This system has the ability to respond to various and sometimes simultaneous queries from web services and other systems at the desired time. 

The system provides reports on the details of transactions, transfers and the latest condition of each ticker symbols on a daily basis as well as the latest status of shareholders, ticker-symbols, brokerage firms, market, prohibitions and the relations among trading accounts.

Producing reports on registry lists, ETFs, portfolio reports, etc. are among other reports issues by the system.

IX system also has the ability to connect and link with some CSDI’s internal systems and some other databases of capital market as well.


Service Provider CSDI
  • CSDI’s personnel
  • CSDI systems
  • CSDI managers
  • Capital Market managers
  • Capital market Institutions
  • Lower costs
  • Consolidation of required reports and ease of access




  • Flexibility
  • Integrity


  • Creating a suitable platform for collecting information from various sources of the capital market
  • Collection of information from TSETMC systems,  Comprehensive Database of all Listed Companies, post-trade system and Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX)
  • Identifying more than 50 high-demand key reports required by the capital market and present them as online systems
  • Providing all necessary services for DANA, DARA, NAZER and Dividend distribution systems
  • Providing on-demand services in IRENEX systems and electronic general meetings (e-GM)
  • Producing the infrastructure required to design a capital market analytical dashboard
Access to this system is for the beneficiaries only and through the web service