Central Securities Depository Of IRAN






Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI) is resolved to continue developing effective e-service quality to enhance services to its clients.


The business though always lacked a certain ware that would both integrate the whole internal operating systems and enhance agility and accuracy as well. As a result, the Department of Information Technology designed and launched a scheme dubbed "CSDI's Electronic Operations Portal" better known as "DANESH."


The principal purpose of the system at this level is to:


1. Facilitate customer services

2. Maximize accuracy and minimize chance of errors

3. Speed up processes

4. Provide access to stakeholders to track orders online

5. Expedite review and report process

6. Dematerialize processes

7. Mechanize operations


The beneficiary departments are:


1. Securities & Mercantile Exchange Settlement (collaterals, dividend distribution and SMS sections)

2. Legal & Inspection (power of attorney section)

3. Shareholders Operations (issuing new accounts, corrections or changes of a shareholder's personal information)

4. Financial Affairs (dividend distribution section)

5. Issuers' Affairs (mortgage rights and reporting sections)

6. Public Relations (SMS)


Among other beneficiaries we can name companies active on stock exchanges, related entities such those in the supervisory and regulatory fields including Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran (SEO), the judiciary branch of the government, the Intelligence Ministry, etc.

* All beneficiaries jointly use the inquiry section.


DANESH system comprises different sections such as:



• Register, extend, reduce and redeem collaterals

• Manage due date for collaterals

• Provide required data on broker's credit limit


Mortgage Rights

In this section, the Issuers' Affairs Department observes reports on mortgage rights and applies the rights in the post-trade system.



IX Reporting System is a set of reports to all departments at CSDI, separately provided to each department based on their specific needs and requirements.



There two departments that use the Short Message Service (SMS) provided by DANESH.


• Public Relations Department: to send notifications, greetings and messages on different occasions

• Securities & Mercantile Exchange Settlement: to declare dividend distribution to the beneficiaries.


Issuance of Trading Accounts


Here, applications for institutional trading accounts that are submitted by brokers via "Brokers Electronic Portal" or KARA are screened and accounts will be issued. In this part, specifications of relative companies are verified through legal channels.


Change/Edit Shareholders Information


In this section, CSDI examines, changes or revises shareholder's information such as identification, contact information, bank account number (for dividend distribution), etc. and then issues legal trading accounts.


DANESH has proved to be a very practical tool in facilitating affairs in CSDI. However there is room for improvement. Experts at CSDI are working round the clock to:


• Compile documented information about all shareholders of the capital market, a project being pursued and carried out via CSDI's newly launched state-of-the-art indigenous e-KYC tool dubbed Comprehensive Information Gathering System aka CIGS
• Launch dividend distribution process
• Launch capital increase processes (Preemptive Rights)
Launch processes regarding compulsory transfer of shares and collateral affairs
• Manage issues regarding investment funds


Via DANESH system.