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The Energy Exchange Registry System (Regex) was launched in 2013 by Central Securities Depository of Iran to register Electricity-based assets and subsequent energy delivery at maturity.

The issue concerning the possibility of direct purchase of electricity by major consumers from the electricity market was initially raised in "regulation for determining the conditions for buying and selling electricity in the country's electricity network" by the Council of Ministers on 29 June 2005.

In article 3-4 of this instruction, consumers who buy all or part of their required electricity directly from the market manager are treated like the regional electric and power distribution companies as "buyers". The process of purchasing from the country's electricity market is also described in this instruction for them.

Therefore, the provision of facilities for the purchase and delivery of electricity was considered and became the purpose behind the development of the system.

CSDI has designed a special registry module for electricity transactions conducted in the Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX) to register electricity-based assets and their transactions as Standard Parallel Salams, as well as allowing energy delivery at maturity.

In this system, in addition to electricity transactions, IRENEX commodity-based transactions are also traded on domestic and international trading floors.

One can buy electricity monthly packages and sell them in daily or weekly packages.

All changes in trading accounts’ portfolios are executed smartly by the system.


Service Provider CSDI
  • Smartification and registry of Salam and physical electricity transactions considering their different businesses
  • In line with the privatization process and encouraging the participation of non-governmental sectors in Iran
Unveiling Date 2013




  • Special Model of Registry
  • Dynamic Symbol Scope
  • 4-hand Congestion Avoidance Mechanism
  • A day ahead delivery
  • Automatic securities transfers
  • Meaningful coding
  • Code-level Unification with CSDI
  • Asset format conversion



  1. Registry
    • Registering electricity standard parallel Salam transactions
    • Registering electricity physical market transactions
    • Registring electricity physical market offerings
    • Exchange of information with the trade engine
    • Registering and recording information regarding holders of electricity contracts 
  1. Clearing Transactions 
  • MultiCurrency NetClear
    • USD, Euro, etc
    • International Commodities for Export
  • Gross-Net Clearing
  • DVP1 for Energy Products
  • Special form of DVP2 for Electricity
  • Credit Fund
    • Charge in Clearing House
    • Margin Financing
  1. Settling Transactions
  • For Energy Products
    • Cash Settlement
    • Free of Payment (FOP)
  • Regardless of Clearing House Payment
    • On Credit
This system is only available to the role players