Central Securities Depository Of IRAN


1.     Gifts that Give Back twice!

In any given opportunity, CSDI tries to show its appreciation toward its distinguished guests, colleagues, visiting officials, and others by presenting gifts as tokens of memento and appreciation. Whether it be on a company’s anniversary, special holidays, or other distinctive occasions, selecting the perfect gift can be challenging especially in such a diverse world which always makes a choice even more difficult.

After thorough considerations, we in CSDI decided to go for offering a gift that gives back! By selecting to provide gifts from charity organizations, we concluded that our gifts will not only give delight and joy to the recipient; it will also give back to people in need. 

Such choice plays out for us as a win-win solution; on one side are recipients who are glad to be recognized, and on the other side are CSDI making its appreciation known while contributing to society.

Imam Ali’s Popular Students Relief Society (Society of Students against Poverty) is an international non-governmental organization in Iran. After years of social activities, IAPSRS succeeded in obtaining consultative status at the economic and social council of the United Nations in 2010, leading to a remarkable broadening in the range of international efforts by the organization. IAPSRS pursues relief programs to enhance the life situation of the children and women who need to be supported from a wide range of inconveniences including refugees suffered from war and people affected by social issues that mainly stem from poverty.


2.     Restore a Smile; Restore a Life!

Central Securities Depository of Iran in an attempt to play its part in rebuilding the smiles and lives of patients and disabled members of the society supports Kahrizak Charity Foundation and tens of thousands of people the leading charity organization has under coverage. Kahrizak Foundation that is a non-profit, non-government grassroots charity organization enjoys nearly half a century history of service to the truly needy elderly and disabled members of the society. 

Kahrizak Charity Sanatorium for the elderly and disabled was established in late 1972 with only two run-down rooms in the village of Kahrizak. After several philanthropists joined the charity, it was formally registered in 1974, and today, the sanatorium operates out of a sprawling 420,000 square meters area with 180,000 square meters of constructed space that includes numerous residential buildings for its elderly and disabled residents and various buildings for workshops, rehabilitation facilities, gymnasium, specialized MS unit, amphitheater, library and much more. 

By its consistent support for the charity, CSDI fosters a culture that honors and recognizes people in dire need who undeniably are part of our society.


3.     At CSDI "We Greet for Good"!

People all around the world spend a fortune on greeting cards each year. However, in case that all individuals and businesses buy their holiday greeting cards and other related items from non-profit organizations, card sales could generate big money for worthy causes.

That was the idea behind CSDI's decision to direct the budget to good-will organizations that sell holiday greeting, and tribute cards to help fund their charitable work.

Mahak is a "Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer" in Iran established as a non-profit NGO. The organization is involved in the fields of Medical Treatment, Research, Prevention programs, Medical and Hospital services, and Welfare.

The Mahak Charity Organization is highly dependent on public donations and fundraising in form of cash, gifts, commodities, services, and technical support to cover the costs related to its human resources and treatment expenses as well as the maintenance costs of the health care and medical facilities at the charity premises.

CSDI is proud to be among Mahak's regular supporters and has a commitment to do so. 


4.     Contribution to "Toloo Bi-neshanha" Charitable Organization

Toloo Bi-neshanha Charitable Organization has a cause of supporting social victims (such as the homeless and the addicts) from the very stage of identification, providing them with needed therapy to help them get back to society. 

The non-profit charity, officially established in 2009 in capital Tehran, tries to help people in need by distributing food, providing them with proper therapies, medical treatment, shelter, education, supporting them in finding a job, and eventually helping them reunite with their families and in general helping them effectively change their situation.

To fulfill its social responsibility, in addition to cash donations, the Central Securities Depository of Iran has taken several steps in propping up the people supported by the "Toloo Bi-neshanha" charitable organization by distributing hot meals among them.


6. Donations to Ameneh Nursery

Ameneh Welfare Services Complex and Nursery, based in capital Tehran, is a place to take care of the orphaned and the abused children from newborns to seven years old. In 2014, a ceremony was held by the Iran Investment Center to collect cash donations for this nursery and CSDI participated in this act of benevolence by attending the ceremony and provided a due support for the nursery.


7. Support for the Iranian Red Crescent Society  

The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS), officially the Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a non-governmental humanitarian organization in Iran. Founded as the Red Lion and Sun Society in 1922, it became affiliated with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in 1924 and changed its name and emblem in 1980, informing the international community of Hilal Ahmar adoption while assuming the right to adopt the former emblem in future. 

Since inception, the IRCS has participated in a variety of public activities. Its core activity is to perform relief and rescue operations to help victims and the injured in natural disasters and accidents. It also engages a in wide range of humanitarian services in health and rehabilitation, training and research.  

IRCS is an example of strong national societies that play an important role domestically and is held in high esteem by the Iranian public. 

CSDI provided financial aid to this institution in 2019 to contribute to the projects and charitable actions of this organization.