Central Securities Depository Of IRAN






Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI) developed DANA which is in fact an e-portal to facilitate activities of entities issuing securities, namely issuers.


DANA is an absolutely reliable mechanism at issuers' disposal and enjoys top security. It is the only portal linking issuers to CSDI which maintains confidentiality while transmitting information.


The system automatically transmits information, such as the registry and transactions history of companies active in the capital market. The information also expands to those companies' implementation of preemptive rights in their corporate relations.


In addition to issuers, banks are also among DANA's beneficiaries that offer housing and mortgage loans through a sophisticated and totally mechanized system.


Through utilizing DANA, CSDI has managed to successfully exploit the infrastructure of digital signatures of Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran (SEO) to provide the highest level of security and acceptance.


DANA system comprises two different sections:


• Issuers' affairs
• Issuers' reports


DANA has proved to be a very practical tool in facilitating affairs in CSDI through minimizing paperwork and administrative tasks, offering electronic and mechanized services to deliver reports about issuers' affairs to companies active in the market and eliminating physical presence requirement for shareholders at CSDI.


Launched in late 2017, the beneficiaries of DANA are entities that issue securities in the capital market, the issuers' as well as financial affairs departments of Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI) and hopefully SEO's supervisory body of securities issuers' affairs department in the near future.


In the future, CSDI aims to provide even more data processing and information services, implement a comprehensive system to interlink all entities active in issuing securities in the capital market and pave the ground to join the CSDI's new post trade system.