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The Integrated Portal of Electronic General Meetings (DIMA) has been developed to provide the shareholders in the Iranian capital market with easy electronic access to the general meetings (GMs) of the listed companies and those registered with the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran (SEO) in a secure environment with no geographical limitations. This is while prior to DIMA all shareholders were required to be physically present at the GMs costing them considerable time and energy. 

DIMA platform is a neat solution satisfying all requirements for holding GMs virtually, including necessities before, during, and after meetings. 

DIMA platform started to serve in 2020, and currently, all Iranian legal and natural investors are able to receive DIMA services easily.


Service Provider CSDI
  • Issuers
  • Shareholders
  • Supervisors
  • Listed Companies
Linkage to other systems
  • CSDI’s fundamental platforms and systems such as CIGS, DDN, and IX Portals
  • Companies database of all listed companies (Codal)
  • Company Registration Database
  • Bureaucratic effectiveness and civil rights enforcement by offering swift, in-time, and easy-access services to the public
  • Providing services electronically in order to improve access and save time and money aligned with the e-government plan
  • Online holding and attending GMs for all issuers, shareholders, and supervisor regardless of their geographical location
Unveiling Date DDN was inaugurated during a ceremony organized by the Government Supreme Council of Information Technology in the presence of then Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, in December 2020.




  1. Specialized panels for shareholders, issuers, supervisors, and  GM’s executive board
  2. Multi-factor CIGS-based identity authentication
  3. A Higher transparency level  due to e-voting
  4. Content distribution network
  5. Data Encryption
  6. Virtual presence of supervisory bodies


  1. Digital Signature
  2. Appointing a proxy electronically to participate in GMs
  3. Simultaneous presence in several meetings
  4. Real-time display of shareholders' presence rate at GM
  5. Uploading/downloading GM agenda, presentations, and other documents
  6. Discussion forum for shareholders to exchange ideas, being monitored in terms of content
  7. Live observation of GM
  8. Q&A session with directors
  9. Casting fully-confidential votes 
  10. Online and real-time preview of voting results
  11. GM bulletin Production


DIMA services are only available for those shareholders who have already been registered in CIGS.  For virtual presence in GMs, CIGS-registered shareholders need to log into their profile in DDN portal and head to DIMA section

How to log into the Integrated Portal of Capital Market Stakeholders or DDN



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