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Children Find Joy as CSDI Families Come Together for After School Party

For most school-aged kids, summertime means vacations and having fun. But don't forget that after-school encouragements do wonders for the youth and children to work harder for their future.

Central Securities Depository of Iran had the honor to celebrate the 2021-2022 graduate students and the children of the company’s employees on Sunday July 24 2022.

This ceremony was attended by Chief Executive Officer of CSDI, Mohammad Baghestani, who delivered a welcome and encouragement speech for the pupils, children and the parents and families who accompanied them at the party.

The ceremony was held in a big hall which was decorated with bunting, balloons, string lights and plenty of flowers. Each step you would find something interesting to look at, the perfect setting for a photo shoot.

The senior management meanwhile delivered symbolic presents to the students and children on this happy occasion to encourage the kids and congratulate the students.

Some of the features of the party were comedy shows, games, face-painting stands and a giant teddy bear and puppy that delighted the children.

The ceremony wrapped up with seeing off CSDI families' student stars and sweetie toddlers with their popular finger food collection and a perfect dinner party.

Release Date: 7/24/2022

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