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The Investor Portfolio System (IPS) developed by Central Securities Depository of Iran provides investors with accurate information in a secure setting. The IPS was launched in 2008 and aims to materialize the objectives of the e-government and to offer information electronically to the investors in a safe and secure environment. 

Using this system, the shareholders (individuals and legal entities) of the issuing companies listed on the stock exchange have e-access to the information on their portfolio, assets free to trade, and supervising broker of each ticker-symbol. Moreover, firms offering portfolio management services as well as investment funds can benefit the system by having the latest details of the portfolios under their management. 

Previously, investors just could acquire such information by contacting their supervising brokerage firms. However, since 2008 by launching IPS, investors have readily accessed integrated information via internet.

However, after the introduction of DDN system in 2019, Iranian individual investors can receive much diverse e-services through it. One such service is to access portfolio details just like what IPS offers. Since DDN system is only available to the investors registered in the Comprehensive Information Gathering System (CIGS), IPS is vastly used by those who are not registered in CIGS and foreign investors.


Service Provider CSDI
  • Investors
  • Portfolio Management Firms
  • Investment Funds
  • No more or fewer correspondence or telephone call between CSDI and the  system beneficiaries
  • Materialization of e-government objectives
Unveiling Date Investor Portfolio System was unveiled in June 2008.




  • Portfolio details (ticker-symbol, volume, status)
  • Daily report on investors’ portfolio
  • Monitoring assets free to trade
  • Supervising brokerage firms information
  • Monitoring transactions on the last trading day
  • portfolio reporting possibilities
  • Printing the portfolio / exporting the portfolio in  MS Excel format
  • Editing contact information (i.e. address, phone number, mobile number
  • Activating the service of portfolio changes reporting via SMS



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