Central Securities Depository Of IRAN


CSDI's Perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility


Central Securities Depository of Iran has always seen itself  responsible to  society,  people, and its staff; and to that end, has  defined responsibilities  reflected in the  company's strategic plan.  Accordingly, to make the  commitments true, CSDI also  sees ahead  practical objectives to promote  social conditions and human values. 

Since the very beginning of its business activities, CSDI has always  strived  for  supportive actions to help less-privileged segments of the society have  a decent  level of welfare and education. It has similarly  sought for  effective  measures to  improve the social conditions of its  employees and  ultimately made effective  arrangements to minimize  the negative impacts  of its business on the  environment. 

CSDI's standpoint on Corporate Social Responsibility not only is seen  as a  commitment toward society but as a goal that ultimately leads to a greater  impact of the company's activities and services on society.

Following is the list of major completed or ongoing endeavors by  the company in CSR areas of society, workplace, UN's Sustainable Development Goals, culture, benevolent activities, and environment:





Society Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Environment Workplace Culture Essence of Kindness