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As one of the two subsidiaries of Central Securities Depository of Iran, Samat Samaneh was established in 2012 to address and focus upon the IT requirements of its parent company. The main objective of SAMAT Samaneh is defined as to design, develop, and launch computerized platforms, and provide IT solutions for both pre-trade and post-trade activities that CSDI is in charge of within the Iranian capital market. Samat Samaneh is also supposed to take care of the safety and efficiency of the capital market IT-based operations as well as investors' assets in the capital market.




Central Securities Depository of Iran, as the main database of Iran's capital market, has always been trying to provide the market participants with the high-quality registry, depository, clearing, and settlement services, as well as a wide range of value-added services in the most efficient way. To answer the need more efficiently, the company's Board agreed to establish a company separate from the IT department to care for providing services like trade verification, clearing, settlement, risk management, corporate actions, as well as holding issuers' general assembly's electronically.

Samat Samaneh is also supposed to adjust its services customized for its customers by using the latest, innovative and state-of-the-art technologies. And along with its parent company, i.e. CSDI, and in line with its inherent mission to support its beneficiaries such as exchanges, investment banks, issuers, investors, brokers, and all other market participants, Samat Samaneh tries to tackle the requirements through the most efficient value-added services.

In order to deliver its missions in the most efficient fashion, Samat Samaneh has always prioritized the very fact that the duties require an effective management and application of novel IT-based technologies, and has pursued the policy of benefiting from both innovative and cutting-edge technologies as well as employing top-tier IT and computer specialists to realize its top-notch visions. 

Samat Samaneh is also considered the main software and pre-trade and post-trade platform provider to CSDI, as it has been established to provide IT services to CSDI. Safekeeping investors' assets, providing cybersecurity to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the capital market IT-based activities are among Samat Samaneh's self-proclaimed objectives.


Samat Samaneh Corporate Restructuring


Samat Samaneh had originally been established to care for responsibilities related to developing and running software platforms for pre- and post-trade services, mainly portrayed in projects like IRPT, however, due to a massive increase in the volume of transactions in the Iranian capital market and ever-growing number of customized trade platforms, as well as increasing the volume of tasks ahead of CSDI's IT department, it was decided that Samat Samaneh undergoes corporate restructuring in order to be able to bear and handle more responsibilities.

In order to realize the structural reform, first and foremost, there have been changes in the company's board of directors and CSDI's CEO advisor in IT affairs, Alireza Mahyar, has been appointed as the Chairman and the head of CSDI's IT department, Ali Hassani, has been appointed as the CEO of the restructured Samat Samaneh company. The number of personnel working for Samat Samaneh has also multiplied and some of the leading and experienced IT engineers and experts working for CSDI's IT department have been transferred to Samat Samaneh, in addition to merited IT engineers hired to work in the expanded company.

Also, the premises of Samat Samaneh Company was detached from its parent company to be housed along with its sister company, Capital Market Central Asset Management Company in a separate building from CSDI's.




99.97 percent of Samat Samaneh's shares are owned by CSDI, while three entities of the SEO Staff Cooperative Company (0.01%), SEO Staff Credit Cooperative Company (0.01%) and Capital Market Central Asset Management Company (0.01%) are holders of the remaining shares. 


Duties and Services


Some of the main duties and services provided by Samat Samaneh are listed as follows:

Providing Value-Added Services
Risk Management Programs
Providing Data Security
Managing IT Solutions
Providing Post-Trade Network Design & Management Services
Remote Network Monitoring
Data Protection & Backup
Server Administration


IRPT System


One of the major platforms developed by Samat Samaneh is the service-oriented software, known as IRPT, which is designed to address the post-trade needs of all participants in the Iranian capital market. Having in mind the fact that CSDI is the sole provider of post-trade services as well as the main dynamic archive for depository and registration of the capital market data (including data related to investors, dealers, brokerages, trading assets, transactions whether normal or compulsory, as to details of seized or collateralized assets, as well as the data related to all operations in any given transaction), the IT specialists working at Samat Samaneh have developed the software platform, which is deemed as one of the greatest achievements of the company in realizing its strategic responsibilities.

The rapid growth of the Iranian capital market and the necessity of synchronizing the services with compatible software platforms which work in tandem with the ongoing trends in international markets, has encouraged Samat Samaneh to develop the world-class software to address the needs of local participants as well as those of foreign investors.



SAMAT Samaneh at a glance

Type: IT Solutions (private joint-stock company)

Industry: IT Business Services

Founding time: 2012

Chairman: Alireza Mahyar

Chief Executive Officer: Ali Hassani


Contact Information

Telephone Number: +098 (21) 88973978

Webpage Address: samatsamaneh.ir

Email: Info@samatsamaneh.ir

Address: No. 6, samatsamaneh Building, 6th DE. Kooh_e_Noor St. Motahari Ave. , Tehran, Iran

Postal Code: 1587673815