Central Securities Depository Of IRAN


The core objective of the company is as follows:


(1)  Opening and maintaining accounts and securities of over-the-counter (OTC) markets, equity and commodity exchanges owned by shareholders, individuals and legal entities


(2)  Registry of records, assigning codes, maintaining, clearing and settlement of transactions of securities, commodities listed on commodity exchanges and other financial instruments


(3)  Depositing various types of securities 


(4)  Depositing securities pledged before any beneficiary individual and legal entity and providing necessary facilities for the beneficiaries to control the deposits in order to guarantee the company's performance, and redeeming the said securities at the request of the beneficiary


(5)  Lending, borrowing and exchanging any securities as a mediator


(6)  Preparing and presenting necessary reports for brokers and clients


(7)  Applying appropriate means and instruments as well as electronic methods in clearing and settlement of securities


(8)    Performing corporation actions for financial institutions and companies including:


A)    Registry and keeping the list and records of securities owners, and providing all related services to securities issuers

B)    Preparing and presenting necessary information

C)    Convening general meetings for companies and investment funds

D)    Receiving information on holding general meetings of companies and investment funds

E)     Receiving information about distributing dividends of securities, taking measures and establishing necessary facilities for the distribution of dividends

F)     Receiving information on preemptive rights of securities purchases, offering services related to using preemptive rights


 (9)  Performing clearing, settlement and depositing foreign securities


 (10)         Providing specialized services to stock exchanges, OTC markets, commodity exchanges, securities issuers, financial institutions and other participants of the market


 (11)         Performing all authorized financial, servicing, consultation and commercial operations related to stock exchanges, commodity exchanges and OTC markets 


(12)         Cooperation with regional and global stock exchanges and institutions related to them


(13)         Cooperation with international counterparts


 (14)         Receiving any amount of loan, any movable and immovable assets, rights, and privileges, and performing any transaction including but not limited to purchase, sales, lease, mortgage, and suchlike, which are necessary in line with the object of company


(15)         Establishing and running a settlement guarantee fund


(16)         Establishing and running companies with the approval of the Securities and Exchange Organization


(17)         Admission of warehouses receipts, supervision on their activities and performance of operations related to the warehouses, in order to facilitate transactions in commodity exchanges


(18)         Performing other duties which are assigned to the company in accordance with the laws and regulations