Central Securities Depository Of IRAN


Investor Portfolio System (IPS)


CSDI offers certain electronic services to the capital market practitioners enabling the stockholders to take advantage of such services by obtaining a password.


These services include:


Statement of the latest position of the shares the stockholder owns at various listed companies (with an itemized list of the supervising brokers)
Statement of the stockholder's asset turnover at any of the listed companies, including purchase, sale, capital increase, legal transactions, corrections, pledges (underway).
Supervising broker:
Since the existing post-trade system launched, the sale of the stockholder's shares of each company is handled by one supervising broker nominated by CSDI in accordance with the past record of the stockholder. In other words, the stockholders may buy stocks through various brokers. But such stocks may be sold only through the supervising broker assigned to the shares of the same company. Once the new post-trade system is launched, the stockholders may sell only through the same broker through whom the shares have already been purchased.


How to use these services:

The stockholders may use the foregoing services in any of the following manners:


1. By Personal Reference
Stockholders may personally refer to the e-offices in Tehran and both e-offices or the regional exchanges in other cities in Iran to obtain a username and password.

2. By Mail
The stockholders may complete and sign the application form available on CSDI's website and have it legalized by a notary public in Iran or the Iranian embassies or consular offices abroad and send it to CSDI by registered mail.
Stockholders will then have access to Investor's Portfolio System (IPS) available on CSDI's website (www.csdiran.com) using their passwords.

3. Legal Entities
Legal entities may personally refer to CSDI and obtain username and password by submitting the following documents:An original and certified copy of the notice of establishment published in the official gazetteAn original and certified copy of the notice of latest resolutions published in the official gazette
An active email address of the company and the managing director
A letter of authorization of the legal entity's representative