Central Securities Depository Of IRAN



I am delighted to bring greetings to all our visitors of Central Securities Depository of Iran's official website. I hope that so far in 2021 you are experiencing success in your business, as well as happiness and good health.


For CSDI, spring is a time of fresh starts, innovative growth, and new friendships. 


We are flying high and looking to the future after the tremendous success of implementation of our recent projects that saw the entry of millions of people into the capital market. The unprecedented service was provided to more than 49 million stockholders of Justice Shares, which was unbelievable to many before it became operational. The rapid provision and improvement of the infrastructure was one of the biggest events that came to fruition last year through the collective effort.


So, I want to start by acknowledging the great team of persons at CSDI and our friends who are making a difference in the lives of our clients in the capital market, in the pursuit of excellence. As a team, they have consistently demonstrated a keen attention to support the strategic priorities of CSDI.


In our eyes, 2021 is a year of reflection and celebration of our past accomplishments.  It is also a year of a "new beginning" as we work diligently to position CSDI for success in years to come.


I think it goes without saying that our close partnership with the money market plays an effective role in reaching our goals for better services to our clients through a "single gateway". CSDI and business banks continue their joint efforts in that regard and one such example is the establishment of specialized service counters representing CSDI at banks. Now it is Parsian Bank, later the plan will hopefully spread through other banks as well.


This spring marks the beginning of new financial year in Iran. Hence, we held our Annual Ordinary General meeting during which the shareholders consolidated and approved the financial statements for the year that ended March 20, 2021.


We also had an Extraordinary General Meeting where CSDI and its shareholders elected our two new legal Board members.


I am optimistically excited about the future prospects of what we will achieve together in the coming months and years.


The launch of the new post-trade system is the major goal of the year 2021 at CSDI. It is on the agenda, and along with other programs and projects, we are looking to implement it in order to pave the ground and facilitate our services for all capital market stakeholders.


Please enjoy the information presented in CSDI's website and feel free to send us your valuable feedback, comments and suggestions. Collaboration and shared ideas are key to the success of all our future endeavors.


Hossein Fahimi

CEO & Board Member