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CSDI chief: “A healthy capital market resembles a “glass hall” where transparency rules”

The sixth national Information Technology Management Conference convenes in Tehran, promoting data-centered businesses in the fields of science, society and culture.

The conference has been organized by Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

In an address to the conference, CEO of Central Securities Depository of Iran, Hossein Fahimi, raised issues concerning the latest innovative solutions to a data-centered capital market and said, “Considering the huge volume of valuable data, the capital market is in dire need of efficient management of the relative data to use all possible means to offer high-quality best required high-standard value-added services to the investors.”

The CSDI chief then said a healthy capital market should resemble a “glass hall” where transparency rules over every single activity and open to public observation.

Fahimi reiterated that, “CSDI takes pride in its efforts to reach highest global standards in intelligent management of data to unlock data’s potential with the platforms our expertise have created which systematically transform raw data into great data for more accurate insights.”

The CSDI chief executive was referring to the novel e-KYC system which was recently unveiled and launched by the Depository, named Comprehensive Information Gathering System (CIGS) which has been designed and run by local experts.”

The annual national Information Technology Management Conference which took place 25 December, 2018 aims to introduce select achievements of Iranians in a wide range of fields, support top-notch ideas and commend the best-in-class innovations in the field of communications and information technology.

Release Date: 2018-12-29