Central Securities Depository Of IRAN


Gholamreza Aboutorabi named CSDI new Vice Chairman, Deputy CEO

Gholamreza Aboutorabi

Gholamreza Aboutorabi has been appointed the new Vice Chair and Deputy CEO of Central Securities Depository of Iran.

Aboutorabi is a former Chief Executive Officer of Central Asset Management (CAMC) Company which is an associate of CSDI and establishes and manages SPVs in the process of Sukuk issuance in the capital market of Iran.

Aboutorabi was earlier the manager of “Surveillance on Primary Markets” department at the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran.

Meanwhile, Board of Directors of CAMC held a meeting at the head office of the Company during which they appointed Ali Beigzadeh the new CEO and Board member.

It is worth mentioning that Ali Beigzadeh was previously a Board member at Central Securities Depository of Iran.


Release Date: 2021-11-20