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CSDI Round-the-Clock call center inaugurated in Tehran

CSDI Round-the-Clock Call Center Inaugurated in Tehran

A call center has been set up and launched by Central Securities Depository of Iran to address doubts, queries and questions of Iran capital market participants.

The computerized call center was inaugurated by CSDI Chief Executive Officer, Hossein Fahimi, at the Depository's headquarters in Tehran on Saturday 31 July, 2021.

Multifaceted Focus of New System

In his remarks at the inauguration ceremony, the CSDI Chief said the services of the specialized call center of Central Securities Depository of Iran are provided to the stockholders in two levels. 

According to Fahimi, the first level encompasses the services provided to financial institutions, issuers, capital market players, brokerage firms etc. He said, "Due to the fact that this group enjoy professional knowledge of the capital market, their queries and needs from this center will be different from other people. With the efforts of our skilled experts in this center, we try to provide the best services to this group of correspondents."

Transparent, Precise and Consistently Responsive

Fahimi went on to say that "Offering services to the multimillion shareholder community in the country is the next level and the special mission of this call center that intends to provide a precise, clear and transparent response to stockholders, for the benefit of the reliability and professionalism of the company."

Provide Highest Level of Services

Elsewhere in his remarks, the CSDI CEO emphasized on the importance of accountability to the million strong community of shareholders and said, "We intend to provide the best responses to the participants of the Iranian capital market so that our people can experience the highest level of services in absentia throughout the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic with just calling 1569 from all over the country."

15-69 Call Center History

In order to respond to the beneficiaries of Justice Shares, Central Securities Depository of Iran set up a call center for justice shareholders in June 2020. 

The service was available 24/7 every day of the year.

The objective was to diversify the communication channels thanks to an automated system for collecting queries via phone.

This call center responded and informed the beneficiaries of the National Justice Shares Plan and followed up on their possible problems by utilizing experienced experts and by using contact and customer relationship management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems around the clock for over a year.

Release Date: 2021-07-31