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CSDI holds electronic ordinary, extraordinary general meetings of “GENERAL MECHANIC CO.”

CSDI holds the electronic annual ordinary & extraordinary general meetings of General Mechanic Co.

Central Securities Depository of Iran held the electronic annual ordinary and extraordinary general meetings of General Mechanic Co. on Saturday July 17, 2021.

The meeting convened electronically in the presence of 85.28 percent of the stockholders at CSDI’s headquarters in Tehran.

The General Mechanic Co. stockholders elected a new auditor and legal inspector and made decisions on other agenda items.

The annual report and financial statements for 2020-21 provided by the board were approved.

The stockholders also determined the non-executive board members’ attendance fees and compensation of the Board of Directors. 

They meanwhile approved the capital increase proposal, which was the subject of the extraordinary general meeting. 

CSDI has launched the strategic service of electronic General Meetings for the listed companies, an unprecedented service in the history of the Iranian capital market.

The CSDI's integrated portal of electronic general meetings, called DIMA, covers all the processes before, during, and after the general meetings.

DIMA is a time- and cost-effective platform, which removes time and place limitations, encourages stockholders participation, grants access to reports and documents, produces smart reports,  facilitates dialogue between investors, board members and other authorities, ensures active involvement of international stockholders, makes the simultaneous attendance at several general meetings possible, and ensures high transparency and convenient monitoring.

Release Date: 2021-07-19