Central Securities Depository Of IRAN



Central Securities Depository of Iran has undertaken an organizational restructuring to improve the overall efficiency in the company’s operations to meet its strategic business goals.

Witnessing an increasing efficiency in its operations in recent years, CSDI's board of directors has decided to proceed with an organizational overhaul in some of its departments in a bid to boost the company's ongoing trend and reach an even more effective performance.

Part of the reshuffle aimed at pushing the CSDI's measures on the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) to a new level; and consequently Abolghasem Farajinia, who formerly was the head of the AML/CFT committee, has been appointed as the caretaker director of the newly-established "Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism" department. 

CSDI's AML/CFT department, under its new management is now expected to speed up efforts by the company to enhance preventive measures to mitigate the effects of criminal economic activities in the country's financial market and promote integrity and stability in the Iranian capital market. 

The shakeup also involved the introduction of three new IT-related departments of "Network and infrastructure", "Information Systems", and "Settlement and Payment Systems" departments to enhance risk-free, fast, and effective IT operations at CSDI

Omid Tavassoli, formerly working as a senior expert at the CSDI's IT department, has been appointed to serve as the caretaker director of the "Network and infrastructure" Department. 

The main responsibilities of the "Network and communication infrastructure" department involve the analysis, design, development, deployment, and maintenance of both local, and inter-organizational computer and communication networks.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Hassanlou, an expert in the now-dissolved IT department has been appointed as the caretaker director of the newly established "Information System" department. 

The new department takes care of database systems and platforms for storing strategic digital data in electronic databases, such as customers' as well as the market data.

The reshuffling project also includes the establishment of a new department at CSDI, with the specific mission of handling the payment of dividends among investors. 

The "Settlement and Payment Platforms" department will operate under the supervision of Hossein Qashami, who enjoys years of experience working as an IT expert at CSDI

According to CSDI's new organizational chart, the three newly established departments and their caretakers are to work under the supervision of CSDI's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Dr. Alireza Mahyar. 

Release Date: 2020-12-01