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Minister of Economy attends Ceremony to unveil technological achievements of Iran capital market.

The latest technological achievements in Iran's capital market were unveiled on February 10, 2020 at CSDI headquarters in Tehran with Economy Minister, Farhad Dejapsand and Head of Securities and Exchange Organization, Shapur Mohammadi, in attendance.

In an address to the ceremony, Chief Executive Officer of Central Securities Depository of Iran, Hossein Fahimi, said, "The mechanization, automation technologies and infrastructural development of the Iranian capital market with the aim of cutting off physical communication have officially come on stream as of this day."

Saying the technological achievements come to materialize macro-policies of the establishment and to promote electronic services to investors and shareholders of securities and commodity exchanges, Fahimi went on to say that "the smart economy is the foundation of all executive entities, and Central Securities Depository of Iran is one of the harbingers of this huge economic advancement."

Elsewhere in his remarks, the CSDI Chief enumerated real-time reporting, electronic certificate of securities, an online e-service desk, electronic portal for issuers, online dividend distribution as well as mechanized development of capital market infrastructure as the latest achievements by CSDI in this field.

Real-Time Reporting

DARA, with over 300,000 users, is one of the electronic portals that has raised traditional communication to the electronic level and provides real-time data and report activity for an authenticated user.

Electronic Certificate of Securities

With electronic certificates of securities, traders benefit an enjoyable experience in the capital market. For instance, certificates of deposits will apply the encryption algorithm for the transactions.

Online E-Service Desk

E-Service Desks are resources intended to provide the customer with online information and support they need.

Electronic Portal for Issuers

The unveiling of this portal is one of the goals that will be implemented for the second group of capital market stakeholders to convert all previous physical services into online services.

Online Dividend Distribution

Distributing issuers' dividends from a comprehensive portal was another concern that today turned into an opportunity. Holding the annual general meeting electronically will soon realize too.

Mechanized Development of Capital Market Infrastructure

The mechanized development of the capital market infrastructure for all components was another issue that aimed to cut off physical communication and became one of the greatest achievements.

Later on, the Economy Minister hailed the day to day rise in the significance of the role the capital market plays in the country's economy. Farhad Dejpasand said the secure and sustainable trend that reigns the capital market would save the value of the Iranian currency.

The officials then appeared on the stage to symbolically unveil the latest technological achievements in the Iranian capital market.

Release Date: 2020-02-10