Central Securities Depository Of IRAN




Brief Introduction


This Memorandum of Understanding between Central Depository of Iran and National Deposit and Settlement Company of Russia (NSD) is signed by CSDI Chief Executive Officer, Hossein Fahimi and the NSD's chairman of the executive board, Eddie Astanin, during a meeting held on the sidelines of the Moscow International Stock Exchange Conference (MOEX 2018) at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on April 10, 2018.





  • Cooperation on settlement processes, depository, corporate actions and other areas of CSD operations.
  • Exchange of statistical information, reports and operational models.
  • Development and promotion of products and services, further cooperation in activities in the framework of international associations in which both companies are co-members. 



An Introduction to National Deposit and Settlement Company of Russia (NSD)


National Settlement Depository (NSD) is a key component of the Russian financial infrastructure.

As Russia's CSD, NSD provides services with respect to securities provided for by Federal Law No. 414-FZ dated 7 December 2011 "On the Central Securities Depository", as well as other Russian and foreign securities.

NSD is a member of the Moscow Exchange Group and operates from its offices in Moscow. NSD offers a wide range of services, including bank account (payment) services, registration of OTC trades (Trade Repository services), information services, liquidity management services, and IT services.

NSD is gradually growing as infrastructure for the financial market ecosystem.  NSD also seeks to contribute to the national policy aimed at digitalization of Russia's economy, including the emergence of a new asset class for investors and ecosystems for ICOs and digital assets trading.

We are an active member of the global post-trade community, providing post-trade services in Russia.  Thanks to our integration into the global financial systems, links with foreign depositories, and long-standing expertise, our clients can efficiently operate in foreign markets.



Joint Projects


  • CSDI Chief Meets Senior Russia Capital Market Officials   

CSDI Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Mohammad Sajjad Siahkarzadeh, held separate high-level meetings with senior officials from Russia's capital market during a working visit to Moscow on Thursday April 7 2022.

Increased cooperation between the Iranian and Russian capital markets in different areas was a major topic during Dr. Siahkarzadeh's meetings with Deputy Chairman of the NSD Executive Board, Maria Krasnova, and Moscow Exchange Business Development Director, Kirill Pestov.  

Dr. Siahkarzadeh also discussed the implementation and advancement of the existing MoU between CSDI and Russia's NSD, as well as further expansion of bilateral relations between the two sides. 

Also, during the talks, it was suggested that the Russian Stock Exchange (Moscow Exchange), as a shareholder of the Kish International Exchange and the Russian National Depository Company, play an effective role in the pre-trade and post-trade processes in the Kish International Exchange.


  • CSDI, NSD Telephone Conference during WFC 2015 Annual Meeting 


The first joint program of Russia's NSD and CSDI was held on the sidelines of the WFC annual meeting in Mexico in 2015, after which the CEOs of the two companies held a telephone conference. At the end of the conference, the two sides decided to establish a joint working group to expand their cooperation.


  • Meeting of Russia and Iran ‌Banks, Capital Market Representatives 


A meeting of the Iran-Russia Banking and Finance Working Group, hosted by the Central Bank of Iran was held On July 4-5, 2108. CSDI's Chief Executive Officer, Hossein Fahimi on behalf of the Iranian capital market and the NSD acting chairman Arman Melkumyan attended the meeting and discussed the best options for opening a bank account by CSDI in Russia.


  • Meeting on Sidelines of WFC Summit in Hong Kong


On the sidelines of the WFC summit held in Hong Kong in December 2017, CSDI's Chief Executive Officer, Mohammad Reza Mohseni along with the company's Chairman of the Board, Hossein Fahimi held a meeting with representatives of Russia's NSD to discuss prospects of signing an MoU and the commencement of bilateral cooperation between the two companies.


  • Attendance of CSDI Delegation at Moscow Exchange (MOEX)


1. In 2018, a high-ranking delegation headed by the CSDI’s, in an effort to connect the capital markets of the two countries, attended the Moscow Exchange (MOEX 2018). The visit took place at the invitation of the chairman of the executive board of the NSD company. On the sidelines of the MOEX 2018, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two companies, followed by several meetings held in the presence of the NSD’s BoD, other senior executives from, NSD, the Moscow Stock Exchange and the Central Bank, which is the capital market regulator. The Iranian delegation also held a separate meeting with senior representatives of the Central Bank of Russia (CBR).


2. In 2019, the CEO of CSDI company, Hossein Fahimi once again invited to attend the MOEX 2019 event by the NSD company and held a meeting to discuss areas of shared interest with the NSD Chairman of the Executive Board, Eddie Stanin.


3. In 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the MOEX event was held online in which the CSDI Director of International Relations, Siavash Azimi attended the event at the invitation of Russia’s NSD Company.


  • Cooperation as Co-Members WFC Board Members


In 2019, CSDI on behalf of The Asia-Pacific Central Securities Depository Group (ACG) and the NSD on behalf of the Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories (AECSD) were given chairs on the WFC. And on the sidelines of the event, the CSDI’s CEO, Mr. Hossein Fahimi and the company’s Director of International Relations, Siavash Azimi held talks with the NSD Chairman of the Board, Eddie Stanin and NSD Head of Network Management, Arman Melkumyan.


Russia’s NSD company, which holds the capacity of the AECSD secretariat, invited CSDI to attended the AECSD annual meeting and general assembly of the association, hosted by Uzbekistan in 2018 and Kyrgyzstan in 2019. 


  • Visit by Senior NSD Official from CSDI Headquarters


NSD Head of Network Management, Arman Melkumyan, paid a visit to the headquarters of CSDI Company in Tehran in July 2016. The meeting was aimed at strengthening cooperation, sharing successful experiences, the latest achievements and the outcome of recent research studies in various fields.


  • CSDI Opens Bank Account in Russia Mirbusiness Bank


As one of the provisions in the Memorandum of Understanding between CSDI and NSD in opening an international bank account for CSDI in one of the Russian banks, the Russian party took the necessary measures in this regard.


  • Agreement on Drafting CSDI, NSD Joint Action Plan


During a telephone conference between the Director of CSDI International Relations, Siavash Azimi and NSD Head of Network Management, Arman Melkumyan and the Director of Network Architecture, Alexander Chekanov drafting an action plan for future cooperation between the two companies was discussed.