Central Securities Depository Of IRAN





Brief Introduction


The Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI) and Swiss-Iranian Investment Forum (SIIF) on February 19, 2018. The CEO of CSDI (Hossein Fahimi) and the representative of Swiss-Iranian Investment Forum (Ali Javadi Pouya) were signatories of the MoU on behalf of their respective bodies. The MoU has been signed during a visit by the Swiss Ambassador to Tehran, Mr. Markus Leitner to Central Securities Depository of Iran.






  • To facilitate the offering of securities issued by listed Iranian companies in international markets
  • To upgrade the executive standards in CSDI and further compliance with international standards
  • To facilitate cooperation with international custodians



An Introduction to Swiss Iranian Investment Forum (SIIF)


The Swiss-Iranian Investment Forum (SIIF) was founded as a nonprofit organization in Geneva, Switzerland in 2017. Having the motto of "Global Initiative for Responsible Investment”, the SIIF sees facilitating economic rapport between Iran and Switzerland, promoting sustainable and socially responsible investment in Iran’s health, transportation, environment, finance and economy sectors, reaching a better understanding about emerging markets in Iran and helping undergo economic reforms in order to support international investment and business activities, as its main objectives. Also in an attempt to support activities by pioneers of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) in IRAN, Swiss-Iranian Investment Forum (SIIF) has started an initiative named as “Emerging ESG Leaders Award” to honor and promote professional efforts on promoting sustainable development and responsible practices to protect the environment. This association also works in the field of international financial affairs, developing new FinTech solutions and facilitating investment by foreign nationals in Iran. SIIF Founding Members are among the leading policymakers and officials from Iran and Europe.