Central Securities Depository Of IRAN


CSDI listed at Iran Fara Bourse


Shares in Central Securities Depository of Iran begin trading at Iran Fara Bourse on September 12, 2017.


Shares of Iran’s sole Depository were previously offered on the Base Market and the official opening of the CSDI symbol on the main board of Iran Fara Bourse marks a further step towards more transparency at a market with greater credibility.


Iran Fara Bourse Co. (IFB) also known as Fara Bourse is a market for securities and other financial instruments in the country which operates under official supervision of Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO).


The CSDI prospectus on securities admitted to trading on the 'Iran Fara Bourse' is available to the public. Additionally, the CSD Iran has also offered its financial statements and other information through a web based panel named Codal.


The CSDI is the one and only depository company in Iran and its sound financial health is being appreciated among all in the Iranian Capital Market.


Founded in 2005 as a public joint stock company, the CSDI enjoys a hybrid registry and fully dematerialized book entry system. The CSDI is the central registrar and clearing house for all the exchanges in Iran. It takes over the registry, clearing and settlement issues related to equity, Islamic securities (Sukuk,) derivatives, energy contracts, electricity, mercantile products by means of a full-fashioned registry system and multi-currency (USD, IRR, Euro) with a high netting efficiency of 85 percent.


Central Securities Depository of Iran is the sole capital market infrastructure provider in the country and a gateway for international investors.