Central Securities Depository Of IRAN


New chairman executive officer


The board of directors of the Central Securities Depository of Iran in their meeting in the headquarters of CSDI chose and appointed Dr. Hossein Fahimi as the new board member and chairman of this company. 


He was the former SEO board member and the chief for the center of Research, Development, and Islamic Studies. Dr. Fahimi replaced Mr. Mohammadreza Sheikholmolooki, the former board member and chairman of CSDI, who resigned last week from his position. 


The recent combination of CSDI board is as the following: Dr. Hossein Fahimi, Representative from Securities and Exchange Organization Dr. Mohammadreza Mohseni, Representative from Information dissemination and Services Company Mr. Alireza Haji Norouzi, Representative from Technology Management Company Dr. Vahid Bagheri Kheiabadi, Representative from Iran Mercantile Exchange Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ebrahimi Sarv Olia, and Representative from Bank Melli Iran.