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Event Date: 2021-07-15

The Iranian members of the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) in collaboration with the secretariat of FEAS held the “Meet the Market with FEAS | The Iranian Capital Market” virtual event on Thursday July 15th, 2021.

During the virtual meeting participants met the representatives of Central Securities Depository of Iran; Tehran Stock Exchange; Iran FaraBourse; Iranian Institutional Investors Association; Securities Exchange Brokers Association (SEBA); Tehran Stock Exchange Tech Mgmt. Co (TSETMC); Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO Iran).

The opening remarks were made by FEAS Secretary General, Konstantin Saroyan and Deputy Secretary General, Armenuhi Hovakimyan, followed by the Welcome Speech from Bahador Bijani, Vice-Chairman International & Foreign Investment Affairs of Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) Iran.

CEO of Central Securities Depository of Iran, Hossein Fahimi, CEO of the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), Ali Sahraee, CEO of Iran Fara Bourse, Amir Hamooni, also addressed the participants at the event.

Deep Insight About CSDI Services

The CSDI CEO, Hossein Fahimi, introduced CSDI and its most important roles and functions. He then elaborated on operations, responsibilities, and services provided to different market stakeholders, including foreign personal/legal investors in the Iranian capital market. Providing a deep insight about the post-trade services and mechanism designed and deployed by CSDI for settlement of trades in the Iranian equities and commodity markets were other areas that Fahimi covered during his online speech at the event. 

He said: “Opening trading accounts, registry, depository, safekeeping of securities, risk management, clearing & settlement, corporate actions (like dividend distribution) and such alike are among the main services that CSDI offers. The important and decisive role CSDI plays in these areas has made this company the only depository in Iran and one of the major players in the Iranian capital market.”

Mr. Fahimi explained the ways CSDI manages risks. He said employing credit limits, collateral management, Settlement Guarantee Fund, and partnership with banks are the four methods CSDI manages risks related to credit and settlement of trades. 

CSDI Services to Foreign Investors

He then went on to enumerate the three groups of services offered to foreign investors of the Iranian capital market i.e. legal, operational and value-added which he then described thoroughly.

Common Goal of Development

In closing he hoped that with good will, clear ambitions and a strong commitment, all countries will reach the common goal of developing their financial markets.

This event was the fourth one in the Meet the Market with FEAS event series. Previously, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Australia and Egypt introduced their markets in the event. 

The purpose of the initiative is to organize virtual Meetings/Roadshows for FEAS members’ markets to raise awareness about the market structures, operations, processes and benefits, and give the answer to the question “Why to invest in a specific country”? 

More than 100 participants have gathered for the one-day online event, coming from different parts of the world. Participants represented Stock Exchanges, Investment Banks, Brokerage Firms, International Corporations, Asset Managers, Funds as well as local Market Participants.

The presentations were followed by Q&A Session, during which the participants actively asked questions to the speakers. 

About FEAS

The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) was established on 16 May 1995 with 12 founding members. The purpose of the Federation is to contribute to the cooperation, development, support and promotion of capital markets in the Euro-Asian Region (i.e. Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean Basin). Currently there are 39 members in FEAS.

Release Date: 2021-07-18